Forms Strategic Partnership
with Launchit Ventures

April 3, 2023

Boston MA, May 2, 2023 -, a leading provider of state-of-the-art data science tools, has announced a strategic partnership with Launchit Ventures Inc., a venture studio focused on advancing healthcare innovation. This collaboration aims to streamline the sales and marketing process, facilitate product development, and expand global product sales and customer acquisition. specializes in leveraging machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) models to deliver precision data to executives, business development professionals, scientists, and investors. By joining forces with Launchit Ventures, the company aims to accelerate its growth through shared services, ultimately getting its cutting-edge tools into the hands of end users who need them most. Catailyst makes data available via easily searchable databases and customizable alerts to executives, investors, analysts, consultants, clinicians, investment bankers, business development and strategy professionals.

Jit Basak, Ph.D., MBA, founder and CEO of, expressed confidence in the partnership: "After observing the evolution of the healthcare sector, we decided that now is the right time to develop a new range of business intelligence and data analytics using new technologies like AI to aggregate data at a reasonable price. A user-friendly interface that responds effectively to industry needs is paramount, and we have created a product that is easier, faster, and more comprehensive than others on the market."

Jamie Harsevoort, CEO of Launchit Ventures, echoed Dr, Basak’s enthusiasm: “We see this as an opportunity to get information and intelligence into the hands that need it now, without the complicated sales cycles often experienced in the industry. The days of the old-fashioned sales meetings for a data analytics tool are over. It’s all about the sales conversion – what has done is provide an all-encompassing solution at a convenient price and easy sales process."

About strives to impact critical decisions in drug discovery and development by offering an integrated dataset of drugs and drug candidates, powered by state-of-the-art data science tools. With a focus on affordability, Catailyst has combined automation and artificial intelligence to understand scientific, clinical and business announcements from various public information sources, such as press releases, SEC filings, trial registrations to create actionable and searchable data points. Catailyst has recently launched a database and data analytics platform to provide access to such data from a cloud-based platform with SAAS (software as a service) subscription business model. The company brings a comprehensive solution for Biotech and Pharma business development teams, clinical development team, investment bankers, investors, and life science consultants to track drug development, monitor competition, follow market trends, track financing and deals, and inform about recent developments of drug candidates and approved drugs.

About Launchit Ventures:

Launchit Ventures is an Ontario, Canada based venture studio that combines funding, entrepreneurship, and business acumen with a shared business services model. By assembling the right team for each venture and nurturing new ideas, the studio offers a more predictable path to success. Launchit Ventures' approach reduces costs and significantly increases the chances of success for the companies it supports.

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