Finally, Canadians have access to
Comprehensive Obesity Treatment

March 6, 2023

Finally, Canadians have access to comprehensive obesity treatment.

Obesity is a complex and real medical condition, requiring comprehensive treatment. Effective treatment exists, yet Canadians are left without access to the treatment they deserve.

HAMILTON, ON: Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Medical Weight Management Centre of Canada (MWM), a virtual weight management clinic run by licensed weight management physicians and dietitians. Our evidence-based approach was designed by our team that includes Dr. David Macklin and Dr. Megha Poddar. Dr. Macklin and Dr. Poddar are co-authors of the 2020 Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines and well-regarded obesity experts.

Both the scientific understanding of obesity and the medical treatments available have changed significantly; however, clinical practice has lagged. MWM’s goal is to close the treatment gap by providing expert obesity care so that patients can discover their Best Weight – on their terms.

Our virtual clinic is accessible to all residents of Ontario and Nova Scotia, and we have plans to expand to all Canadian provinces by the end of 2024.

Our mission is to deliver expert-led, empathetic, and evidence-based treatment to all Canadians living with obesity, with an approach is based on 5 ‘E’s:

Expert-led: MWM is run by licensed doctors and registered dietitians who have specialized training in obesity management.

Evidence-based: MWM provides treatment according to the latest clinical practice guidelines, anchored in the science of the appetite system, focused on sustainable results.

Effective: MWM provides guidance that supports individual needs. Our goal is to give each patient a clear, effective foundation that supports their long-term weight management efforts.

Ethical: MWM offers personalized medical weight-management care, in collaboration with each patient’s primary care physician, using safe and effective medications, where appropriate, combined with education and behavioural support.

Empathetic: Patients living with obesity are often the subject of much stigma and bias. MWM provides patients with a supportive team who are passionate about helping people living with obesity.

At launch, MWM has 8 licensed doctors and 12 registered dietitians available to treat patients. Patients can speak with one of our health care professionals to determine if this is right for them by visiting

“Canadians have struggled for far too long while waiting for access to obesity treatment, especially when safe and effective treatment exists” stated Dr. Megha Poddar. “After years of firsthand clinical experience, we have developed MWM - a program that is designed specifically to address the unique challenges faced by individuals living with obesity. It's time to take action and provide our patients with the support and resources they need.”

“This program is a dream come true for us”, stated MWM’s CEO Jamie Harsevoort. “Many of us have had lengthy careers working in the obesity space, and to see real, effective treatment available is a game-changer for many people. 1 in 4 Canadian adults live with obesity, and the evidence shows that diets and other weight loss fads are neither effective nor sustainable. Canadians need to know that obesity is a medical condition for which safe, effective treatment now exists.”

Obesity is a serious disease that is on the rise worldwide. According to the World Obesity Atlas 2022 report released in preparation for World Obesity Day on March 4, the prevalence of obesity will continue to increase, with more than one billion individuals projected to be living with obesity by the end of this decade. Furthermore, the annual direct healthcare cost of obesity in Canada is estimated to be $9 billion by Obesity Canada . Despite these alarming statistics, access to obesity treatment remains limited. In light of this issue, MWM offers the necessary support to individuals living with obesity.

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